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Jasmines Christmas Adventure Lisa     Jones

Jasmines Christmas Adventure

Lisa Jones

Published December 1st 2013
ISBN : 9781494333492
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Hi, my name is Lisa Jones and I am from the UK. I have recently just published my first novel The Prophecy. I spent three years in total from start to finish. I researched relentlessly before putting my words onto paper. The Prophecy is a fantasy novel and is the first in the trilogy. My second book entitled Redemption will be available later this year. In the meantime if you want a world exclusive sneek peek, then check out my website to catch glimpse of Redemption. I also have competitions running to win a signed copy weeks before its general release. I love all genres of books but I do have a soft spot for fantasy/fiction novels. My big influences in my books have been authors such as Christopher Paolini, J K Rowling and Suzanne Collins. As a child my favourite author was Enid Blython as she was able to capture the full extent of my imagination. While being on various review sites and through Goodreads I have since discovered several other authors whose work has been sublime that I had not heard of. The undiscovered talent of the Indie Author is so vast with thousands of new titles emerging each day. My goal is to get my book reviewed by all you lovely readers out there and in return I will review your work or help in any way I can to make your life as an author a worthy one. I need to spread the word of my books through the community and will always have plenty to say in my blogs. Each book that I read is given a true heart-felt review.I have also writtn many childrens books to date with Bob the PirateS Cat still being my firm favourite to date.